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What is special about Thai massage Amsterdam?

Thai massage given in our salon in Amsterdam is a combination of acupressure therapy and deep tissue massage techniques, used together to encourage blood circulation and release tension. Thai massage can increase physical flexibility and help to resolve postural misalignments, while clearing and balancing your energy channels. As a result you will feel released of tension and your body feels as if you had a real physical exercise.

History and origin

The origins of Thai massage bring us back more than 2,500 years in history. Buddhist monks introduced this form of medicine to Thailand. Buddhism embraces the holistic idea of ​​coherence and harmony between body and mind. The Thai massage is therefore part of the ancient Thai medical and spiritual tradition.


During your Thai massage treatment your therapist will block and release blood flow to different parts of your body, providing an intense rush of heat to your limbs and boosting your circulation. They will also use oil to deliver a smooth, flowing massage which should relieve tension in your neck, back and shoulders. Make sure to inform your therapist about specific areas of concern before your treatment begins.

Techniques used

A Thai massage uses firm pressure from the elbow and forearm, alongside specific poses and stretches. Your treatment will take place on a massage table.

After your treatment

Take time to rest and relax and avoid intense physical activity until your body has had a chance to recover. Thai massage is most effective after a few, regular treatments, or you could complement it with a Thai Yoga massage.

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